The purpose of is to provide the ultimate go problem resource. Go problems – otherwise known as go puzzles or tsumego – are set positions on a go board designed to help people improve at the game of go.

Go problems have existed for thousands of years, and many problem books have been created over the years. Starting with the internet, various sites and apps have been created to help study problems interactively. This site in particular seeks to be the best resource it can be, with a large selection of quality problems, many ways to solve and interact with them, and deep social integration to make problem solving fun and community based. By inviting the community to contribute new problems, there is no limit to the depth of content – and creating problems is a great way to learn as well!

This site has been in existence since 1999, and has shared a lot of great go problems since then. But we are still early on the journey... many exciting things are yet to come.

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