13*13 Games
26 problems

5x5 Endgames
35 problems

Endgame problems from 5x5 boards.

6x6 Endgames
20 problems

Endgames problems on 6x6 boards.

Concentric groups
6 problems

Groups inside other groups

233 problems

Try to connect stones.

124 problems

Cut your opponent's stones.

Good and bad style
2 problems

Avoid vulgar style.

Handicap Game
70 problems

Hiraki (Extension)
2 problems

What is the correct extension?

Irregular board
153 problems

Problems on an unusually shaped board.

Irregular rules
11 problems

Used useless rules but it's a joke:)

4 problems

Nadare Joseki
2 problems

Avalanche Patterns

25 problems

Big dead eye spaces.

Notch Group
12 problems

2nd line groups with a "notch".

74 problems

Spiral Ladder
10 problems

91 problems

At least one axis of symmetry.

5 problems

Problem of yosihiro

Problems in collection 0 What Group?
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