233 problems

Try to connect stones.

Irregular board
153 problems

Problems on an unusually shaped board.

124 problems

Cut your opponent's stones.

91 problems

At least one axis of symmetry.

74 problems

Handicap Game
70 problems

5x5 Endgames
35 problems

Endgame problems from 5x5 boards.

13*13 Games
26 problems

25 problems

Big dead eye spaces.

6x6 Endgames
20 problems

Endgames problems on 6x6 boards.

Notch Group
12 problems

2nd line groups with a "notch".

Irregular rules
11 problems

Used useless rules but it's a joke:)

Spiral Ladder
10 problems

Concentric groups
6 problems

Groups inside other groups

5 problems

Problem of yosihiro

4 problems

Good and bad style
2 problems

Avoid vulgar style.

Hiraki (Extension)
2 problems

What is the correct extension?

Nadare Joseki
2 problems

Avalanche Patterns

Problems in collection No-Throw-In Corner Tesuji
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