WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2013-03-28 14:31:45ericsNeeds FixingThis is a sweet problem, rating should be reset now that it is fixed. Also, frowning faces :( in the Wrong paths are usually undesirable.
2013-09-14 03:36:23MatrokWell Constructed
2015-03-16 12:44:21sal69InvalidKill using ko - not killing, it's just ko.
2016-03-13 15:37:25rfrohardtNeeds Fixingdescription "white to kill" is incorrect. in go problems "white to kill" means unconditionally, not by ko
2016-11-09 15:26:27rastafariNeeds Fixingwhy is ko better than seki
2017-12-30 12:42:48annasNeeds Fixing4321
2018-01-23 12:22:47gojerryWell Constructed
2018-08-13 13:25:10JplusWell Constructed
2022-01-31 16:39:16raytshWell Constructed
2022-03-14 08:21:22ayuayu2018Needs Fixing