WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-07-13 19:40:06PloxxerNeeds Fixing
2012-11-01 01:16:20DineshRNeeds Fixingd is off path
2013-03-06 23:46:04IsildurWell Constructed
2013-05-29 09:06:15BannertNeeds Fixing
2013-07-01 03:45:59RichLancashireNeeds FixingD is given as "off path", other solution marked as correct with a stone around S - there is no stone there.
2015-03-16 14:03:07ng zhi tao paul,3pNeeds Fixingd is off path
2016-04-11 09:45:11ぐでたまNeeds Fixingどの手もあり得る手だと思う
2016-09-02 06:01:47rutherfordjpNeeds FixingD Is better. If white gets D it creates a lot of aji in the corner...
2021-12-29 20:00:04raytshNeeds Fixing