WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2011-07-21 22:29:11rememberedWell Constructed
2012-02-04 00:46:10FFLagunaInvalid
2013-08-15 00:44:54MatrokWell Constructed
2014-08-06 22:22:03jusiNeeds FixingPlease, add a note indicating that the outside is not important: according to circumstances, I'm not sure that leaving locally and letting black go out is better than dying but playing G15 in sente.
2015-06-01 16:11:05SiaubunasWell Constructed
2016-05-22 07:26:54棋幻旋律Well Constructed
2022-01-02 15:18:35DJKNeeds FixingWith the proposed solution, Black gets out into the board via G14.