WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-10-23 09:16:06SmarNeeds Fixingblack to live and it’s white to move?
2016-04-20 08:48:26ChuibeteInvalid"do the bad move" excuse me but it's ... useless
2016-08-03 08:20:08TYPPInvalidw f5 is stupid
2016-09-19 06:49:48mbrezu2Invalidsays black to move, but first move is white. also, it asks you to find the worst white move possible. waste of time.
2017-07-06 13:33:26gojerryWell Constructed
2019-03-18 17:43:39PremianInvalid
2019-08-09 05:00:01StarlineNeeds Fixingput in strange, help thy opponent, and stories group
2021-03-26 21:25:19inseresInvalid wrong starting color, and I don't see any interesing move for either player