WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2008-12-12 03:12:00derPlumpsWell Constructed
2009-09-10 18:59:23ModocWell Constructed
2010-12-18 07:04:31pupukaniNeeds Fixingare you sure B4 is a good move? im not sure myself but this "submarine move" can be cut, and then white will get the corner but he whill have a floating group between strong black groups. kosumi at C5 will cut. if white plays B6 then black will get the corner. did you find this in a book or something? im just interested in that move :D
2013-05-24 10:24:59MatrokWell Constructed
2016-07-11 15:40:25goodnicegamInvalidthere are lots of powerful choices missing and meaningless
2018-06-01 12:14:26gojerryWell Constructed
2018-09-07 17:23:23ИванNeeds Fixing33 invasion cant be too early
2019-06-25 16:47:01Sekisc2Well Constructed
2022-01-09 08:08:28kohmabNeeds FixingKatago analysis tells that all variations in the problem are wrong