WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-09-19 22:21:19bacteriaInvalidnot a problem; also the reason is incorrect
2015-12-10 09:44:19sal69Invalidэто и не задача вовсе
2015-12-25 08:11:07manslayInvalidNot a problem
2016-02-02 02:19:38vXenInvalidNot a problem
2016-02-28 01:48:23uvedobledeeseInvalidIt's interesting but not a problem
2016-03-06 11:54:12HrabanusInvalidwrong category
2016-03-17 20:27:3529jmInvalidIt's not a problem, it's a checkbox
2016-03-20 05:46:02tetriseyesInvalidNot a problem
2016-03-21 18:49:26CarChemistInvalidnot a problem
2016-03-27 00:21:45Mit1mit2InvalidNot an actual problem.
2016-04-19 07:26:25komilatteInvalidnot a problem
2016-05-04 02:21:03KTX-CRHInvalidIs this art? put on face book or something(?)
2016-05-07 04:13:37HNY0202Invalidnot a problem
2016-05-20 00:22:34iopqInvalidnot a problem
2016-05-28 14:09:03MrValeInvalidit's not a problem.
2016-05-30 06:54:32mike-tacInvalidDidactic text, but not a go problem.
2016-06-08 08:06:41PajsoWell Constructed
2017-01-16 20:16:38mrdoldrumInvalidnot a problem
2017-06-03 03:02:5698zWell Constructed
2018-07-01 20:14:20ddksterInvalidNot a problem.
2019-08-15 21:25:40StarlineInvalid"Play at X" not a problem, questionable reasoning for starting at the corner
2020-03-09 14:58:09DK2Needs FixingThere's no "problem" in this problem
2020-08-23 00:13:07gnt100InvalidSelf explanatory
2020-11-23 15:45:44wysokiInvalidnot a problem