WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2015-08-15 00:48:08genisageNeeds FixingGet rid of that 'A'
2016-01-31 08:30:00HrabanusNeeds FixingThe right answer is marked by "A".
2016-03-21 14:53:21gomaster135InvalidA tells you the answer.
2016-03-30 23:38:50esearsNeeds FixingThe problem displays the answer by marking it A.
2017-01-11 06:12:54BobTheJoeNeeds FixingThere is an invalid solution path.
2018-11-06 20:25:54MoOoHWell Constructed
2019-05-26 11:31:59npietrefaseNeeds FixingWhat is the A for, besides giving the answer?
2020-08-30 15:49:51gnt100Needs FixingOne of the paths is marked as correct even though it's not correct