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Re: Problem Translation

Post by BartTM »

Hi Chuspita,

Thanks! I changed it to "Tesuji hoofdkwartier.". That does capture the right intention.

Now that we have multilingual support, it would be nice to have support for that in the Problem Text Search functionality. It appears the translations are not matched by it at all.
It would be nice to be able to choose the language you'd want to search in. Left unchecked, it should search both the native and English version.
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Re: Problem Translation

Post by Locray »

PLEASE impelement a way to not have the site autotranslated every time you visit! I had to register simply to avoid having badly translated Swedish shoved inconsistently in my face. Every Swedish person knows English, there is literally zero reason to translate this site in to Swedish.

If you, for some reason I cannot comprehend, want Swedish people to practice in Swedish, then at least allow us in a simpler way the choice not to do so!

Thank you in advance!
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