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Hello all,

I am brand new to Go. Back in 2004 I was looking around in Barnes and noble and I saw the book 'Go! More Than a Game' by Peter Shotwell, and after looking through it, thought it would be a great game to learn. After a while, i bought 'Many Faces of Go 11' and started to study the game. Because of school and family things, I didnt have time to learn the game, and am just now trying to pick it back up.

I have read the book, gone through the way of go on and have done quite a few problems with the Many faces program as well as problems on I can win about half of the games I play against the computer on a 9x9 board, but when I play on a 13x13 board, the computer decimates everything I try to do. It is very disheartening, as I think this game would be very fullfilling to learn to play well.

I have read pretty much everywhere that playing multiple games is the best way to learn, but I guess its hard to learn when you dont know what you are doing wrong. I live in North Dakota and do not have a Go club anywhere in the state, so the internet is pretty much my only resource. Any pointers for someone starting out, ways to get games, and ways to keep from getting disheartened by losing to the computer?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jonathan

When i first started out I tought my brother how to play. But I never got that good because we both were just beginers.

Hi Jonathan

When i first started out I taught my brother how to play. But I never got that good because we both were just beginners.

The way I have learned the most and enjoyed growing in go was on KGS. It is a online community that has a lot of teaching and learning potential. There is people with all strength. The teaching interface is great. I have also signed up for the plus program and get lectures from pors that has also helped me advance quite a bit.

It is much better to play agents people then computers so try as much as possible to get on to an online community and play .

The other one that is not live is dragongoserver.


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Go Club in North Dakota

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Actually there is no offical go club that meets in North Dakota, but I stumbled upon a local go club that plays every week at Barnes and Noble.

If you are interested in the details please drop me an emai that can be found in my profile. -> nick.abentroth at (have to avoid the damn email scanners out on the net)

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1) Get yourself glGo from Pandanet. This is a very awesome program and online go place in one. You can play the computer offline, or play against people from novice to expert on their online server. (And if you have a lot of computer know-how, you can even put your own skin/image on your board with help from their tutorial!)

glGo also has a built in board where you can solve problems (or play by yourself). And of course you can save games you play or observe on their server. An excellent program. And both it, and registration for the online server, are free. (The best part.)

Cons: Many people who play there are NOT English speaking. So don't expect a lot of conversation. I was on last night, and a Japanese person offered to play me, but even speaking Japanese, I couldn't get a response from them. Still trying to figure that one out... ^^; However, there are at least some English speaking players on pretty much anytime.

Apparently sometimes pros also go there, or so I'm told. But there are people of every level there, too, so you can find an opponent to play no matter what level you are.

These sites are pretty good. ^_-
Pandanet (Get glGo here, a little down the page.)
(Site that follows the professional go world... and offers some exteras.)

- Gozuki no Angel

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