How useful is it to redo problems you've already done?

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When I first do a problem, it can take me a long time to read it, but if I go back, even if it was weeks ago, there's a good chance I'll recognize the problem and do it quickly.

I see two sides to this. It seems like the more you do certain types of problems the more likely you'll be able to see certain shapes in the game.

On the other, you won't get as much practice actually reading problems and might start to rely on what patterns you recognize.

What do you all think?

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re-doing problems

Post by Vlad »

I think re-doing problems is a good thing, since it reinforces one's ability to recognize shapes and patterns. I think one should try to read a problem out all the way in such cases though. In other words, one should know *why* the solution works. Once I've solved a problem, I also try to think what kinds of small changes would prevent the problem working.

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Field Mouse


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solving the problems again is very useful, you will get a shape intuition and will really see it much faster in your game.
And if you forget the solution, you will improve your reading skill as well.

Field Mouse

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