Major internal site update

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Major internal site update

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hey everybody, i've been putting this off for many years, but this seemed like a good time. a lot of the software running this site was super old... some things past end of life and unsupported. okay, most things. i started on a little plan to add HTTPS support. but then i needed a new version of PHP (was running PHP 5 (and some parts still have .php3 extensions)), which needed a new linux, a new nginx, etc. then of course a lot of code broke, and i needed a new phpbb3, and so things have taken some time to get back up and running. i think there are probably a few things broken in various corners of the site, so please post bugs in the forum and i'll fix.

and then sometime soon i'll actually get the HTTPS working :)
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Re: Major internal site update

Post by santa c http »

Oh sounds like quite an adventure! =)

Thank you so much for the site and all the effort you've put into it, over the years! :)
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