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goproblems.com • How do you think about COVID-19 ?
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How do you think about COVID-19 ?

Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 10:32 pm
by Irregular go
How do you think about COVID-19 ?
Even if everyone should wear masks, weird faced people can do fake loving through hiding their weird faces.
My face is just like BTS JIN for one ARMY has told me so. Another way I'm being afraid of "SHITTY FACED WOMEN'S SCAMMING"!
I'm bravo in Asia entire time machine, none ? None.
So we can't check out faces and we have lost many important people of this world Whaeen we can't make it be settled.
The people were very important, important for their family. Lost lives can't be returned.
Let's eat delicious dishes and forget crap things within the time.
If you have some opinions for WUHAN, please tell me about it through this thread.
Fixed: Apologies for the mistake, it wasn't taetae, it was JIN.