There is some crazy stuff going on here

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There is some crazy stuff going on here

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I have never visited this forum before, but I've been doing tsumegos on this site every once in a while. Recently I have noticed lots of relatively simple problems with weird and often unrelated descriptions and commentary. For example, in one description the creator told people to stop downvoting his problems and that he would continue posting them no matter how much people downvoted them. Another problem I saw used a ruleset the problems creator had made up himself as well as some unusual komi. Neither knowing about the ruleset nor the komi was necessary to solve the problem, which was a simple endgame tesuji or something like that.

So I chose to come to the forum to complain about these, only to notice that the same people who have created these problems have also flooded the forums with (mostly) nonsense posts.

I have no experience in moderating a website like this, but I have a feeling that something should be done about this. Adding new problems to the site could be disabled entirely for a few months, or new additions could only be accepted from selected users.
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Re: There is some crazy stuff going on here

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It's actually just one person who has no apparent motive but being crazy. I've removed a lot of their worst problems, but it's hard with the high volume of problems they post. At some point you just get desensitized from looking at so many bad or identical problems and I can't be sure if I'm still objective, that made me more careful with removal.

Anyone can contribute here and easily join, which is good in my opinion. However, it also enables trolls like irregular go. You can't feasibly IP ban people anymore and any other measure would also hamper activities of the legit contributors and visitors.
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Re: There is some crazy stuff going on here

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I too have edited or removed some of the worst nonsensical or offensive problems, though I'm usually reluctant to do so.

In this case all these problems seem to come from one and the same person and that person is either unable or unwilling to accept the advice we try to give him/her.
So I will use less restraint in the future.
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