Etiquette for problems?

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Etiquette for problems?

Post by nimbim »

I'd like to get a feel of the room on what I will just call the "irregular go issue". Although this shouldn't be just about this one person, but a more general discussion about behavior that others may also repeat in the future.

This consists of:
- high volume of very low quality problems, including clearing (valid) flags with no comment and emotionally charged problem instructions regarding those flags
- trolling discussions
- creating alternative accounts to upvote their own problems and/or adopt a new troll persona

I have no issue with someone filling their time with roleplaying online. I don't like people actively being disruptive and to me it seems there is no other purpose to these behaviors.
Clearly this site depends heavily on contributors to manage problems like a wiki and unrestricted mayhem done by few can easily undermine a lot of its value. Creating a category for problems that you expect will get deactivated because they are so poor in quality is not constructive at all and seems like purposely trolling.

But that's just how I feel about this. Is trolling in this manner not that big of a deal? Should there be restrictions for contributions? What do you think?
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Re: Etiquette for problems?

Post by gogalar gomidensha6 »

Hello, nimbim.
I didn't do trolling.
I don't want to be offensive here but do you know the meaning of the word "Constructive" ? Please use your English dictionary.
In this site, the word "Constructive" means the problems which cover all the solution with no missing paths.
Another way, please use your dictionary for the word "Poor".
I think you didn't read this link

Written at the link those are

The Goal
To make a comprehensive, fully-featured, and extendable go problem resource.

Do you know the meaning of the words "Goal" and "Fully-featured" ?

1) The "Instruction Required" that would suffice the one of the rules "Comprehensive".
2) I have my identity in my problems that would suffice the one of the rules "Fully-featured".
3) I created the group "Let me fix the 4 eyed position." In that first state I posted 3 problems which are active still and santa c inspired by them that would suffice the one of the rules "Extendable go problem resource".

If you can't understand such easy things, then are you an elementary school student ?
If you feel this thread is shameless, then you can edit this thread and make it be some things that are not related to go.
If some people feel this thread is not communicative, then you can be funny as a joke in the people's thinking forever!
At least it's better than your boasting and teasing with the strength with no tenderness!
Then the actually "Poor" person is just you that must be the actually reality it is.
I'm polite and this account is my first account I've created ever in fact.
I gratitude you if you understand all the things that I want to teach you.
by gogalar gomidensha6
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Re: Etiquette for problems?

Post by santa c »

I started writing a rather long reply, several times both to this account and Irregular go, but I think it's probably better left to the more eloquent users...

So I'll just comment this, instead -
[*] I deactivated - If you'd like to activate it, please do so without personal attacks in the problems description. I think other mods will agree this is reasonable. I think it was BartTM who already commented on this subject in a different thread, here.
[*] I placed in your sandbox, please address the comment about the description vs vars mismatch, if you want to reactivate it. I suspect a reasonable user will have a high chance of getting this problem wrong for no fault of their own.

I don't go over problems systematically but I'll try to beat bit more active to help BartTM and other mods...

It isn't personal and since there's no real etiquette, there's only common sense based moderation here. And the mods tend to take a rather charitable approach, since we've all been beginners - I know I posted a lot of ridiculous problems over the years (Should probably clean some up) but thankfully other users commented and taught me a lot both here and on KGS etc. - Even if a comment isn't written in a "constructive" way, you can still take the underlying point as as such and address it.

Some other quick notes -
[*] Mst people probably do not visit goproblems religiously, and your problem description etc. make no sense to them as they aren't interested in the drama which, IMHO, wold probably lead to more users voting your problems down than normally.
[*] Another point you should consider is that while some 30k problems might make sense, if there's 1000s of similar problems that do not differ from each other, most users will consider it as spam.
[*] Not to mention that the star system isn't something defined, at least some users think it's a quality/ coolness metric while some others probably use it either directly for the level/difficulty or indirectly since for a strong enough user, all "easy" enough problems are boring (Though I've personally used the warmup set on gobase for years when coming back to go after a long time of inactivity), and the average player online is probably an low sdk, close to 1d.
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Re: Etiquette for problems?

Post by gogalar gomidensha6 »

umm, "Average player"...
Hello, santa c.
I gratitude you for teaching me the reason for this site's populism-shortage.
As my presents for you, I'll give you some information.

Top 4 worst editors of this site


He copied all the problems from some premium books.
is original and the worst go problem ever.
He should be arrested.

Irregular go

He plagiarized good upvoted problems too much.
The only difference is the added Atari capturing then especially annoying.
This case, to be arrested or not ? I have no idea for that.


On 2003, he was disgusted because of his easy problems that Henry teased.

4. krillage

He couldn't construct his only one problem. I made it reborn.
You can check it out at the group
"The people's deactivated position museum".

If you find another wicked accounts, please tell me about them.
Incidentally, is kazuuun Irregular go ?
His some problems seem to be similar with Irregular go's useless problems.
Any thoughts ?
NOTE: I ain't free to create difficult problems, I should do other things instead.
I constructed my problems to cover all the paths even though I ain't free.
People should feel good because at least I added my NEW issues.
My time-using for that's because I actually love GO.
Any thoughts ?
I gratitude you again if you understand all the things that I want to tell you.
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Re: Etiquette for problems?

Post by starzi »

Hello, longtime visitor of this site here. I don't post problems to this site nor do I usually participate in this forum. I do however receive the weekly newsletter of new problems and look through new ones on weekends. I have been doing this since 2004. Many times I stumble over the occasional gem that I really like and I just ignore the rest that doesn't fit my taste. I don't mind the occasional spike in uninteresting problems, I can filter for myself. This is totally worth my time and I enjoyed it immensely over the years.

The past few weekends this cherished notification however was less pleasant. I don't mind the low quality of the problems, however I feel comments on the problems are the wrong place to make public statements, leave personal messages, or harass individual users. Those comments get delivered directly to my inbox and I couldn't care less about someones individual pet peeve if it isn't related to the respective problem. In my opinion such problems should be deleted/disabled by a moderator (at least until the comment is fixed), just my two cents.

I don't consider my opinion to be very important to this discussion. I just wanted to leave this here as an individual outside view on the matter.
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Re: Etiquette for problems?

Post by BartTM »

You are right, I will spend time weeding out the worst.

I feel we need to block one particular user, maybe Adum has a tool to get rid of all his problems in one fell swoop.
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