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oscarszuesSi el blanco captura en la esquina, el negro puede cortar en el lateral.If White captures in the corner Black can cut on the side.2018-11-14 10:59:46
oscarszuesJugar esta prueba es mejor que vivir inmediatamente.Playing this probe is better than living immediately.2018-11-14 10:59:31
oscarszuesBlanca A mata la esquina.White A kills the corner.2018-11-14 10:57:55
oscarszuesEl blanco tiene buena forma en el exterior, pero sería preferible una forma viva.White has good shape on the outside, but a living shape would be preferable.2018-11-14 10:57:43
oscarszuesMás problemas para el blanco que para el negro.More trouble for White than for Black.2018-11-14 10:56:23

Recent Source Texts

A snapback, White lives.
Thanks to this snapback, White is alive.
Black to kill. Yes, you heard me.
The triangled move is black's original mistake
Right, w is dead. But there is a solution with w getting only ko-threats instead of kikashis. (play A to see the kikashis)