Goproblems Translation


Goproblems hopes to bring the joy of learning go to the whole world -- and this means supporting all of the world's languages.


Translation happens through a web interface, right here. Translators can pick and choose the items they wish to translate, and perform the translation on their schedule. The original item is shown in English, along with a basic location description and a name. Occasionally the English version will change, and the translations will become out of date. This is also shown in the interface.


All text on this site is encoded with UTF-8. This should be able to display any language, and multiple languages on a single page.

Group Translation Effort

More than one translator will typically be active on each language. Especially as different translators come and go throughout the years. That is fine; it's a group effort. Everyone gets credit.

Getting Started

To do translations, first check the status of your language to make sure it hasn't already been completely translated. (If it's not listed, that's fine! We are always happy to add new languages.) You need a free account first. If you don't already have one, create it quickly on Then email with your translation language.

Free Pro Account

All translators get a free lifetime pro account. There's no minimum translations necessary, but if I feel like someone is just trying to take advantage of the system, and translate only one or two items, I will potentially cancel their pro account.