WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-01-13 22:53:32elentarwonNeeds FixingDoesn't make sense as written. Please provide a practical (i.e. full board) demonstration.
2013-01-04 01:37:57mandragonInvalidThere is not enough description given to the problem. As it is both paths are equivalent.
2013-06-05 21:28:45MoreKnockWell Constructed
2015-03-03 21:11:29Veral42Invalidlarger pushes are worth more endgame points, this problem is incorrect in the solution
2015-12-18 04:56:33AmuroWell Constructed
2016-04-06 04:17:45davjdWell Constructed
2016-04-19 04:42:14gomaster135Well Constructed
2016-04-27 07:47:10KTX-CRHNeeds FixingDescriptions are not easy. This would confuse the new go students who didn't prepare to understand.
2018-12-02 09:21:34AristotleWell Constructed