WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-09-13 08:41:15SeerWell Constructed
2012-06-08 02:04:26boltathorNeeds FixingNeeds description
2013-11-11 15:08:16PlokijuhWell Constructed
2014-05-20 10:41:57kelveshNeeds FixingNeeds better instruction, less unneccessary board space
2014-09-17 21:23:43mobrownNeeds FixingThe starting position is very odd. It might be better to only show the local stones.
2014-11-10 14:43:18shikadsapoWell Constructed
2015-06-26 00:22:2112345678987654321Well Constructed
2018-05-11 18:58:28go4242Needs FixingMaybe label possible moves abc