WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2011-04-16 00:18:21rotoryuNeeds FixingIt is better to note about A
2012-09-08 00:56:00NoNeZ99Needs FixingThe task is wrong and the last move is absent
2013-04-05 03:44:15Pedro1984Well Constructed
2013-06-17 13:19:44MatrokNeeds FixingThe problem is marked as solved before the last important move
2013-12-30 21:58:06dawampokNeeds Fixingk15 not needed
2016-05-21 08:27:35itamisanWell Constructed
2017-05-14 21:53:00dischordWell Constructed
2017-05-19 23:41:02Onishi TWell Constructed