WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2016-03-20 08:30:43krtNeeds Fixingundefined
2016-04-05 14:45:52gomaster135Needs Fixingwhy did white play a1?
2016-05-16 15:55:05pentoNeeds FixingThe final move is not necessary. Also, there are some other options near the end.
2016-05-22 12:50:37棋幻旋律Well Constructed
2016-09-06 06:46:28goodnicegamInvaliduseless last move
2016-10-25 15:17:24ThumbNeeds FixingSee comments
2017-01-19 07:19:11jmdingessNeeds FixingBlack should tenuki when White plays A1
2017-09-29 23:53:30mdp05mimuraWell Constructed
2017-11-24 05:21:23Onishi TNeeds Fixingundefined
2017-12-30 05:27:53rankaWell Constructed
2018-08-02 18:04:41inoueianNeeds FixingToo many moves at the end
2019-04-07 18:26:57javierinnerNeeds FixingSome branches should end a few moves before
2019-05-30 15:01:57alpcInvalid
2019-08-22 15:27:06StarlineNeeds Fixingremove everything after B3