WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-05-23 02:09:24РоманNeeds Fixingmove A3
2013-07-04 05:13:01MatrokInvalidUndefined. "Best endgame" is never only points, it is also sente/gote, depending on the rest of the board.
2013-09-10 11:18:52BannertWell Constructed
2014-10-10 18:47:47jokepNeeds Fixingmove A3 should be included
2016-03-27 15:45:05lolNeeds FixingMore variations should be included
2016-04-11 15:21:27gomaster135Needs Fixingshould state that sente is not important
2016-07-02 12:24:53gojerryNeeds Fixing
2017-06-17 22:52:12morvan01Well Constructed