WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2012-08-20 02:15:57AM5800Needs FixingIt has some user-created branches which should be marked as correct
2013-10-01 18:16:26nicoretteNeeds FixingA12 before A10 missing
2015-04-22 11:48:00kbkInvalidundefined
2016-04-05 14:47:49gomaster135Well Constructed
2017-10-14 02:43:38mdp05mimuraWell Constructed
2018-02-25 14:01:34rankaNeeds Fixing
2019-09-24 11:23:04laocoonNeeds FixingMissing paths
2019-11-04 22:22:56hippophileNeeds FixingThere are some missing lines that are OK
2020-09-12 01:32:06BobTheJoeNeeds Fixinglots of other living possibilities.