WhenUserFlag TypeDescription
2009-01-17 14:30:28MeyselWell Constructed
2010-03-05 01:34:06SeerRusWell Constructed
2013-06-25 02:57:13MatrokWell Constructed
2013-07-22 04:47:29DaliborNeeds FixingThere is no information about status of other moves if they are sente, gote on side sente. This has direct affect for how to play here.
2014-01-13 11:42:24PluchoWell Constructed
2014-06-04 09:08:38JavinnerNeeds Fixing
2014-10-15 20:20:08eurikanoWell Constructed
2014-10-22 19:23:02AshuraxWell Constructed
2016-07-26 17:12:23ToltogetoWell Constructed
2016-09-10 10:05:54SolliesWell Constructed
2018-03-07 17:05:57DreamWorldWell Constructed
2018-12-29 03:34:55AsirkmanWell Constructed