a good go web site

Postby naruto on Fri Feb 06, 2004 5:22 pm

can someone tell me a good web site for playing go?

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Good Go Sites

Postby blacksea on Sun Feb 08, 2004 1:55 pm

There are too way too many to list them all here, but here's a small list for you.

Go servers:
[URL=http://kgs.kiseido.com]Kiseido Go Server[/URL] - will start you off on the KGS server
[URL=http://www.pandanet.co.jp/English/]The IGS Go Server[/URL] - The biggest go server around (at least with good english language support)
[URL=http://www.dragongoserver.net]The Dragon go Server[/URL]
[URL=http://nngs.cosmic.org]The No Name Go Server[/URL]

There are many more, but these are the most popular english language servers. I just started using KGS, and used to play on IGS and NNGS years ago. IGS is the biggest and its rankings are used all over. KGS is a little friendlier to the beginner in my opinion, plus there are several dan players that give free lessons there (Jim, Solaris and a couple others)

[URL=http://www.usgo.org/resources/internet.asp]The American Go Association's Link Page[/URL] - a good all around links page for information sources

[URL=http://senseis.xmp.net]Sensei's Pages[/URL] - a great forum for information that is created by its users (in wiki format). Lots of info and another place to pose questions.
[URL=http://gobase.org]GoBase[/URL] - tons of info, up to date news, great articles (including a free book by Charles Matthews), game records and a place to work with your own go games.
This site of course.
[URL=http://www.wingsgoclub.org]Wings Across Calm Water Go Club[/URL]- free books in pdf format (one is over 500 pages long)

[URL=http://gtl.jeudego.org]The Go Teaching Ladder[/URL] is a place to get your own games analyzed by better players

[URL=http://www.samarkand.net]Samarkand[/URL]- Home of the Learn to Play Go series of books (I learned from these books)
[URL=http://www.yutopian.com/go]Yutopian[/URL] - a confusing site at times, but they have nearly everything.
[URL=http://www.kiseido.com]Kiseido[/URL] - the home of the kgs go server and a great resources for books, boards and information.

There are a lot more out there. I have a list of links that is almost unnavigable and there is a ton of free information, instruction, books, problems, commented and uncommented games, viewers, software and communities out there. So have fun. By the way, judging by your nick, you watch fansubs. If you haven't watched Hikaru no Go, watch it ([URL=http://www.animetorrents.com]AnimeTorrents[/URL]). It's similar to Naruto in that it follows the development of a less skilled character (with something special inside him) as he follows his determination to succeed and become the best. I love Naruto, but NhG beats it hands down for me (but then I also love go).

I hope that helped

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Postby naruto on Sun Feb 08, 2004 2:31 pm


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Why must everyone have the same name as me

Postby naruto3 on Mon May 03, 2004 3:58 pm

please dude naruto dude do not go on KGS with your handle as naruto (thats taken} or anything that has naruto in it cause then bochip will yell at me when i come on and tell me to change my name (I was the first naruto on KGS so if he gives me lip again i might ummmmmm scream) sorry for my selfish tellings good day lol.

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im not its ok

Postby naruto on Sat May 15, 2004 8:13 am

im not going to use this name on that website i got more i can use

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Postby santa c on Thu Aug 05, 2004 12:32 pm

naruto3, u'd censure bochip if it really bugged u.. -_-'

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santa c

Postby dreamercross on Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:27 pm

is IGS the go server used in the anime,Hikaru no go?

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hikaru's go server

Postby channah1973 on Tue Dec 07, 2004 6:33 am

iirc, it was WWGS (world wide go server), which to my knowledge is a non-existant go server. Of course if your question was which server was it patterned after, I can't answer that. I didn't recognise the client, but I always used text in IGS, I didn't like Panda and haven't tried another one there yet. I've been using KGS.
I could be wrong though.

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IGS Servers

Postby Lanky48 on Sat Sep 22, 2007 5:32 pm

I am having a problem staying connected to an IGS server.

I am using the IP 7777 . Have also tried the Port 6969 to no avail.
I have also tried to use the IP 7777 which was sent to me in a start e-mail to no avail.

Can anyone help me? I can count on one hand the mount of times I have stayed connected.
Plz, your help would be most appreciated.

Thx in Advance

Lanky48 aka David

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