Medusa, Atari Connect, Oda, Sente Seeker, Abacinator, etc??

Postby tristesse on Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:22 am

What is Oda? And how does Medusa relate to Go? And what are all the different labels? And why do some people have different label even when they have the same percentage?

For example, I saw in the comments of a problem:

lalasong (6k KGS)
Medusa (56%)
peto.franek (10k)
Abacinator (56%)

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Postby santa c on Fri Apr 14, 2006 4:17 pm

It was in the "news flashes" on the main page a while ago -
Depending on the % of probs a user solved (not nessacerily on the first attempt unlike the user rating) out of the whole GP db, a user gets a status like "Honinbo"... I belive it only appears in the comments...

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santa c

Postby tristesse on Sat Apr 15, 2006 9:34 am

Yeah, I know of the change, but I don't understand some of the words. :) "Abacinate" was very obscure indeed, and I don't understand its connection with GO, nor the reference to Medusa. In NetHack I would have to blind myself (submissively) to kill Medusa, but an abacinator implies the blinding of others (dominantly). Too far-fetched..? Oda I still don't know.

Here are the ones I've observed:

Newbie (0-1%)
Plays Out Ladders (3%)
Backsnapped (5%)
Second Line Fuseki (6%)
Empty Triangulator (9%)
Gote Grabber (11%)
Reads By Playing (18%)
Atari Connect (19%)
Honte (26%)
Sente Seeker (27%)
Eye Thief (32%)
Tewari Technician (44%)
Taisha Master (48%)
Ear-Reddener (50%)
Medusa (56%)
Abacinator (60%)
Sifu (60%)
Hand of God (68%)
Oda (75%)
Honinbo (99%)

Some of them seem to overlap, which was also part of my question: is there a difference between, say, Medusa 56% or Abacinator 56% or is it just a rounding error hidden by a sprintf, 55.5% vs 56.0%?

{Posted by tristesse}

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