Puzzle #12122 is completely broken!?

Puzzle #12122 is completely broken!?

Postby Memer on Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:19 pm


Don't know whether i need to actually make a thread for this as im new to the site, but the "solutions" for this puzzle involves white committing suicide and the one "variation" marked as solved isnt actually solved because its NOT a bent 4 in the corner, white gets to move, black cant takeback because ko rule, given no other ko on the board he has to pass or play elsewhere and white takes 2 eyes and lives!?

Added extra variations and stuff because i found the puzzle interesting it was a fun mental exercise and i appreciate it been there as a puzzle, but i don't think it actually teaches what the author intended :P
Unless the purpose was to demonstrate that playing into a seki is a really bad idea or how to cost someone endgame points via seki then i guess it did a pretty nice job of teaching that ;P
^^In which case can it be retitled from "Black to Kill" which is incorrect as black cant actually kill :X
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