fr-translation error

fr-translation error

Postby Irnarel on Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:45 am


I noticed an error on problem 157.
It says "Noir vie inconditionnellement." instead of
"Noir vit inconditionnellement."

It also says "Noir joue et vie." instead of
"Noir joue et vit."

"Il vit" is a translation for "he lives" while
"vie" is a translation for "life".

PS : I looked a little further and find this with all the translations :
There's actually some languages for which there are multiple translation (cs,de,fr).
I made a couple test and
- The translation shown for 'cs' is 'Černý má hrát a žít.' (2013-09-16) instead of 'Černý na tahu žije.' (2013-09-17)
- The translation shown for 'de' is 'Schwarz am Zug soll leben.' (2013-09-04) instead of 'Schwarz ist am Zug und soll leben.' (2013-09-29)
- The translation shown for 'fr' is 'Noir joue et vie.' (2013-09-16) instead of 'Noir joue et vit.' (2014-06-10)
It seems to prefer the older translation to the more recent one.
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