Would like to make "powerpoint style" presentation and "exam style time trial" and willing to pay $$$

Postby Benoit Lessard on Wed Nov 01, 2006 2:14 am

I really need a go teaching software.

What i would like is to have a Go SGF editor in wich i can control the speed of the lecture( without having to click for each move)

In wich its easy to enter problems (like the graphical editor here)

I would also like to make multiple choice problems ( A,B,C or D)because for beginner its easier if you gave them choice also they wont come to see me with a crazy move and ask me why this doesnt work

Also i would like to be able to control a time-trial exam so i can keep progress of the students. (no cheating and get a report of the missed problems)

Im willing to contribute around 400$ for those features. Im also willing to contribute a lot of time for "capture these stones problems" for 30 to 15 kyu.

I would prefer it to be not-web based in case there is not internet for all the students. But it likely everyone will have internet acces.


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Benoit Lessard

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