rating optimization

rating optimization

Postby spook on Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:53 am

I registred a pro account a couple of weeks ago.
The biggest advantage is of course the rating-history.
That was also one of the main reasons for registering.

In fact, I'm determined now to solve ALL problems in the collection.
I made a good start, I almost reached 1000 now.

But more and more I see my rating is dropping because of silly things.
To understand me, take a look at this problem:
I clicked E1 to make it alive, but received a message : "Wrong"
No biggy, it just needs fixing. So, I marked it likewise.
But then I noticed that the problem was already flagged for "Needs Fixing".

So, that made me wondering about a solution.
Here's just a proposition, what do you think?

Problems marked as "Needs fixing" don't count for rating.
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Re: rating optimization

Postby BartTM on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:37 pm

Hi Spook,

I took a look at problem 936 and fixed it (I'm a newbie moderator).
We mods take regular looks at flagged problems, but there just are too many of them for now as the flagging system was introduced only about 2 years ago but can be used on all problems, even very old ones like 936.
I fix problems almost every day and now the number of marked problems is gradually dropping, especially those who are marked more than once.

As a problem solver (I tried all problems on this site) I find that faulty problems have almost no influence on your rating, and affect most of all those who have already tried all problems and only play the newest (that usually still have some mistakes and omissions).
You already benefit of many faults having been removed before you try, and still you want to protect your rating while veterans like me can't really profit from such a system? ;)

As to problem 936 it is in the Fun category, and unless I'm mistaken those do not affect your rating at all.
Which is good for you, as Black E1 as a starting move really IS wrong, as the refutation I added to problem 936 now shows.

Anyway, welcome and lots of fun on this site!
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