some more stats? in grahpical form... =)

Postby santa c on Fri Jun 29, 2007 7:16 am

hey adum - i just remembered [url=index.php?method=showhtmllist&list=message&rollid=4%2C314&fromlist=message&frommethod=showhtmllist&fromid=4%2C314&clearoff=1&]this[/url] suggestion, and i thought that if it's ever to happen that the stats page could use an image representation of the best/worst problem and such... as well as site stats (like size of data and such, have the dl-able sgfs, "most favorite" problem, most moves for a solution, most solving attempts, most commented, amount of sandboxed problems, largest sgf file and so on... =)... (will it ever go strict on the html? ^_^*)

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santa c

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