Problems with the `path linking' feature

Postby Erwin de Groot on Mon May 19, 2008 12:47 pm

Hey Adum,

I just noticed some problems which I think are related to the feature where two paths continue as one (when the board positions are equal).
For clarity sakes lets say path A and B end up in the same position and both continue to the end as path C (so we have have paths AC and BC).

First of all, in `See Attempt Paths' it shows only one of the possible paths. Even if an equal number of people played path AC and BC, still only AC will show up in the attempts (my guess is that the numbers include the BC attempts as well).

Second problem (probably the same problem as the first): the paths behind the user names (below the attempt paths applet) don't show the correct paths. It shows path AC while BC is played.

Third problem: Whenever two paths join the last move is not marked correctly. So if the last move in path A is m and the last move in B is n, m will be marked as the last move after playing path B (instead of n).

{Posted by Erwin de Groot}
Erwin de Groot

Postby admin on Tue May 27, 2008 4:48 pm

mmn, thanks for the report. this is a bit of an issue... i'm probably not going to have the path linking be visible unless in edit mode eventually.


{Posted by admin}

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