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Postby admin on Tue Oct 29, 2002 3:40 pm

do you like it?

{Posted by admin}

Voting system

Postby Thomas Derz on Wed Oct 30, 2002 2:11 am

Yes, I like the new system, however I must get used to all the features.


{Posted by Thomas Derz}
Thomas Derz

Postby L Jacobs on Wed Nov 06, 2002 10:57 pm

like it; a shame that one must register separately to say anything at all, or perhaps it'd be used more.

{Posted by L Jacobs}
L Jacobs

Postby Thomas Derz on Fri Nov 08, 2002 4:49 am

If you have the passwords stored, it's just clicking to the discussion forum.
I do not notice that I am entering something differnt.


{Posted by Thomas Derz}
Thomas Derz

Postby Marcin Kaminski on Wed Sep 17, 2003 3:38 am

The forum is cool. Will the template (graphic theme) be changed to fit the whole site?

{Posted by Marcin Kaminski}
Marcin Kaminski

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