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Postby admin on Sun Jun 29, 2003 6:43 pm

this was originally emailed to me by Chris Eusebi. i thought i'd repost it in case others wished to see...

I figured out how to get your Goproblems database onto a palmpilot or visor.
This allows for a mobile way to utilize your database. ALL of your problems fit on my palm.
It is fairly simple and works really well.

Using the sgf viewer PilotGone, all of the comments are available as are the variations.
The key was to find a method to transfer many sgf files into the palm memopad system.

A) Download goproblems in .sgf format
B) Download PilotGone SGF viewer from

C) Download a program to transfer the sgf files into a .mpa file which can be imported by the Palm Desktop Application 4.0. using : This program is the key to this issue as it allows for copying in sgfs without the slow cutting and pasting, which makes using your database impossible.

D) import the .mpa file into the palm using the palm desktop application.
That’s it! It works great.

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follow up

Postby admin on Thu Jul 03, 2003 1:16 pm

I was sent the following information which may be of interest to those using Pilotgo on a Palm:

The following code strips the genre and ranking out of the downloadable problems and puts the info in for the GN.

This was written by the folks at Pilotgo.

It is cool, all the comments and all the problems are now workable in a
handheld format.
This is because the .sgf versions of the problems are so small.

This will also run under CYGWIN.

# by Sylvain Soliman
# Version 0.0.1
# extract SGFs form HTML files, and add a meaningful GN

if [ ${#*} != 2 -o ! -d $1 -o ! -d $2 ]; then
echo "Usage:" `basename $0` " directory>"
echo " extracts SGFs from HTML files with Genre and Difficulty in
echo " both directories must already exist"
exit 0

for file in $1/prob*.html
genre=`grep -3 "Genre:" $file | tail -1`
diff=`grep -2 "Difficulty:" $file | tail -1 | sed -e 's/<\/\?td>//g'
-e 's/\//-/g'`
begin=`grep -n 'name="sgf"' $file | sed -e 's/:.*$//g'`
tail +$begin $file | sed -e "s/^<\/script>[^(]*(;/(;GN[$genre -
$diff]/g" -e 's/"><\/applet>.*$//g' > $2/`basename $file .html`.sgf

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