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Random fuseki paths

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:57 pm
by P------
Do we just delete them on sight? Where is the policy on these written?

And aside, if moves have been played by strong professionals but you are not copying them out of a strong player's book that explains why they are good, are they 'ideal' or 'good' ?

Re: Random fuseki paths

PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:23 pm
by adum
good point about fuseki -- i've been meaning to write up something official on that. here's my tentative position (open to discussion): fuseki can be a meaningful contribution to the database. however, as you say, they should be referenced variations and not just moves that some pro played once. if people are just entering moves from games without context, these should be deleted. but if someone is entering well documented paths on the Chinese fuseki, for example, then that's good.