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Add "unsourced" and "disputed" status

PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:53 pm
by zuy
Please provide a way to tag variations on josekipedia that you find questionable with "disputed". Please also make visually obvious when a variation does not have a source (for example, a small ? in the variation number square) and when it is disputed (for example, a small * in the variation number square)

The "disputed" or "unsourced" status should be clearly visible while playing through the variation, without having to click the talk page. Ideally, it should be visible on the board with markings and where it currently says "Ideal move", as "Ideal move (disputed)".

Anyone should have the ability to add or remove the tags, so no technical enforcement of the below guidelines, but this is how I imagine it:

- When you tag a variation as disputed, you make a comment on the talk page

- The disputed and unsourced tags are removed if a source is added

- If you disagree with the source (and you are strong enough to judge) you can set it back to disputed.

It is better if there are three states: confirmed, unsourced, and disputed, rather than just two: confirmed, unsourced. A variation may be correct even if the person who added it doesn't remember the source, but a disputed status should be a warning flag to check the talk page and see what another player thought.

Having three states and also making the states clearly visible while clicking through variations makes it easier to find out what content in josekipedia can be considered trustworthy and what cannot. In the long run, that will lead to more people using josekipedia.

Thank you for considering my proposal.

Re: Add "unsourced" and "disputed" status

PostPosted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:29 pm
by adum
hi there. there already is a system for disputing variations: the down arrow. for every position, each move type can be voted up or down with the arrows. by voting down, you're saying that this is not right. next to the arrow you can see who voted which way.

this isn't exactly what you suggest, but it provides the same basic idea. i'm not sure enough people are using it however right now...

for unsourced, that is something i haven't yet tackled. would be nice.