variation numbering/labeling system and variations pane

variation numbering/labeling system and variations pane

Postby gnos on Sun Dec 20, 2009 9:04 am

It would be a great idea to come up with a variation labeling/numbering system. The primary motivation for this is so a variation pane could be implemented that shows all the variations of a joseki in a list. But it could also be used in the tree view, for example hovering over a point in the tree could show the variation number/label (and since that point is the start of a variation, it could be color coded as such). The idea would be, instead of just numbering variations in the order they entered the tree, the number/label should tell you something about what sort of move it is. For example, 3 3 invasion could be numbered: 33invasion or something like that. Obviously the actual terms should be shorter than "invasion" if at all possible (using the japanese or chinese might help). The scheme used at senseis library is pretty good, but probably wouldn't work out of the box. There should be a way to tell from the label whether the move is a pincer, whether it's a high pincer or a low pincer, etc, but the terms should be short whenever possible. Part of the scheme should be ordering it, like an alphabet, so certain things go before others in an "alphabetical" list. For example, invasions could come before pincers. The scheme can get arbitrarily sophisticated, but I suspect there will be no way to systematically cover everything that could possibly be a variation (because literally any point in the tree could be labeled as the start of a variation). So we could use some more generic terms also. For example, after we reach a point in the tree where it usually wouldn't make sense to refer to the move as a "pincer" or "invasion" or whatever, we could use the creator of the variation as the term as a last resort (chochikunvariation1 or chochikunresponse1 for example), or something like that. We should look at how it's been done before. Senseis is one example. How do japanese joseki dictionaries do it? American ones if there are any? Chinese ones? Korean haengma dictionaries?. Anyone having knowledge of a good numbering scheme for joseki should respond here. The variations pane should allow you to optionally see just the numbering system, or the official name for the joseki/variation when it's available (for example, the "avalanche" or the "taisha").
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