Tree view

Tree view

Postby gnos on Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:56 am

A tree view would be extremely helpful for learning josekis. It could be a separate pane on the side that can be collapsed or expanded (or even popped out of the page like the compose box in gmail). Tree branches should ideally be collapsible and expandable, and you could even make it possible to have multiple joseki trees open at the same time, but different josekis should not be in the same tree unless you have a separate "global tree" feature or something like that. The reason the tree view is so helpful, is that when people learn josekis they learn multiple josekis and variations at one time. While they are looking at one variation they are not thinking about the others, and they don't get a feel for how complicated the joseki is. With the tree view, people will intuitively know that they need to learn the whole 3 3 joseki, before they learn more than just a couple of major branches of the taisha or the avalanche joseki. Also it is a huge help with just navigating the josekis. For example, with just the back and forward buttons as it is now, you can go back and look at a different variation, but once it gets complicated it will be very difficult to go back to the variation you were just looking at.
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Re: Tree view

Postby adum on Sun Dec 20, 2009 8:55 am

yes, a tree view would be very nice! one like on goproblems would work pretty well. this is something i'd love to have eventually.
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