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Today I woke up early and wanted to play some internet go before I had to go to school. I run KGS and then I noticed that one of my old secret nicks lost its rank - it dropped from 5-6d to "2d?"
I looged in with that nick and wanted to play some fast game to get some adequate rank. I challenged a "3d" player who had suitable time setting (5min + 10sec SD) as I had only half an hour before I had to go to school.
My suggestion was ranked, even game with no komi, me being black.
The players answer was this: the 3d player being black, 0,5 komi, 6h game.
Quite funny, but hey, with "?" after your rank and under a time pressure, it's better to play some game than no game at all. So I agreed.
The game was quite cool, my opponent soon fell into the psychological trap of confidence and although I did not beat him anywhere, my positions were going quite well.

Many moves later, in the endgame, I felt like having a close game and then the thing happened. Bam! Boom! Buchchssffddd! My opponent suddenly played into my territory and left me only with the "resign" and "yes" button.
I made a post game analysis for fun to see what would happen if I protected my territory in a better way - I would win by a couple of points in 6 handicap game with 3 dan opponent! :)

In this goproblem you are my 3dan opponent. On the other side of the internet there is Field Mouse sitting logged as his secret nick, smiling like a smiley and thinking how godlike he is to beat you. Show him the way back to the solid ground! :)

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